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A Need to Change in Survival Strategy: the merge of world wide web and real world

In Serious Stuffs on April 15, 2011 at 9:57 am

written by Gooly

Since the big bang of the world-wide web, our world split into the real world and the virtual world. We all live in the real world physically, but could be spiritually in the virtual world “completely”. In the good old 2000s, there used to be a simple way to circle people from different professions into groups on the socially active axis, like the one below. However, recent year’s rapid change in social network makes this no longer true.

If you do regression on the graph above you would very likely get a negative slope; since with limited time and passion one could hardly be extremely active in both axis.

Back in the good old 2000s, you’ll probably do pretty good just by working hard in one world, this is due to the following success equation at that time.

As you can see, what you do in one world doesn’t affect your achievement in the other world. For example, even if you defeated the evil lord after a 10 hour war and step on others to obtain the glory to become the leader of your whole tribe in the virtual world, you still need to take the midterm tomorrow, and your professor won’t even praise on your epic accomplishment. This is why parents used to be the biggest enemy of online games. They simply believe that the parameter B in the equation is significantly small compared to A. Since parents definitely heard of the famous quote ” Everything is Optimization” by Stephen P. Boyd, they would know the best way to gain the most is to put all the efforts in the real world. I have to say they are probably right under this equation, but we’ll see that this is no longer true.

After the rapid change in the virtual world due to the thrive of one various social networks, the real world and the virtual world is merging. It’s harder to hide after nick names on the web, sites remember who you actually are. What happens on the virtual world directly affects your real world; saying something wrong on the web will very likely hit you hard in the real world. The old equation no longer reflects reality. This gives us the following more adequate success equation for the current world.

Now we have 3 parameters instead of 2 ( A B and C are usually positive, most people  have C > 1), which makes life even more complicated. To optimize success, we have to first estimate A B C and put the exact amount of effort on both world. However A B and C differs between people and changes with time, therefore we have to do a series of experiments and probably adjust the weights along the time.

But this is not the main point, what is significant is that the equation changed from addition to multiplication. What you do on the web will largely affect your total result. You can no longer be extremely success by just working hard in the real world; internet do matters. Politicians, doctors, lawyers all have to jump into the virtual world to get the most; if they don’t, their colleagues would.

This might also mean that in the near future, your professor probably would appreciate you for stopping an evil empire expanding to his tribe.