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Book it: Computer Vision Metrics

In Book It, Computer Vision on September 21, 2014 at 5:45 pm

by Li Yang Ku

computer vision metrics

I was asked to review a computer vision book again recently. The 500 page book “Computer Vision Metrics” is written by Scott Krig and, surprisingly, can be downloaded for free through Apress. It is a pretty nice book for people that are not completely new to Computer Vision but want to find research topics that they would be interested in. I would recommend to go through the first 4 chapters, specially the 3rd and the 4th chapter which gives a pretty complete overview on the most active research areas in recent years.


Topics I talked about in my blog such as Sparse Coding and Hierarchical  Matching Pursuit are also discussed in the book. The section that did a comparison between some of the relatively new descriptors FREAK, Brisk, ORB, and BREIF should also be pretty helpful.


Book it: OpenNI Cookbook

In Book It, Computer Vision, Kinect, Point Cloud Library on November 20, 2013 at 7:53 pm

by Li Yang Ku (Gooly)

OpenNI Cookbook


I was asked to help review a technical book “OpenNI Cookbook” about the OpenNI library for Kinect like sensors recently. This is the kind of book that would be helpful if you just started developing OpenNI applications in Windows. Although I did all my OpenNI researches in Linux, it was mostly because I need it to work with robots that use ROS (Robotic Operating System), which was only supported in Ubuntu. OpenNI was always more stable and more supported in Windows than in Linux. However, if you plan to use PCL (Point Cloud Library) with OpenNI, you might still want to consider Linux.

OpenNI Skeleton Tracking

The book contains topics from basic to advance applications such as getting the raw sensor data, hand tracking and skeleton tracking. It also contains sections that people don’t usually talk about but crucial for actual software development such as listening to connect and disconnect events. The code in this book uses the OpenNI2 library, which is the latest version of OpenNI. Note that although OpenNI is opensource, the NITE library for hand tracking and human tracking used in the book isn’t. (But free under certain license)

You can also buy the book on Amazon.



Book It: On Intelligence

In Book It, Computer Vision, Neural Science on April 19, 2011 at 8:49 pm

written by Gooly

On Intelligence is written by Jeff Hawkins, the Kobe Bryant in Neural Science, some people may not like him, but he scores. If you are a big fan of neural network or human brain, this is definitely a must read.

Jeff Hawkins, a brain theory enthusiast who founded the Palm PDA company while he had a bottleneck in brain research, is also the founder of the Redwood Neuroscience Institute and a neural science based company, Numenta. In this book, Hawkins pointed out the unbalance between theory and experiment in the area of brain research and the stupidity of claiming that we don’t understand brain yet because we lack data, making most of the some neural scientists look stupid.

The central theory of this book is Hawkins claim that Intelligence is prediction, which he compared it to the discovery of the Spherical Earth, Darwin’s Evolution Theory, and Plate Movement. It might seem quite a lot a bit of exaggerating at first, since we all know humans can predict, and intelligence can help make good predictions; why would anyone compare this quite intuitive theory to the other great discoveries. However, as a good speaker and author, Hawkins is persuasive. After reading this book, I have to admit I almost believed what he claimed.

This book is published in 2004, quit old compared to the other rapid changing technologies, but since brain theory is moving relative slow compared to the computer industry, it is definitely still worth reading.

Step aside from whether Hawkins’ theory is correct or not.
“It’s already 2011, where is our intelligent robots!?”