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Book it: Computer Vision Metrics

In Book It, Computer Vision on September 21, 2014 at 5:45 pm

by Li Yang Ku

computer vision metrics

I was asked to review a computer vision book again recently. The 500 page book “Computer Vision Metrics” is written by Scott Krig and, surprisingly, can be downloaded for free through Apress. It is a pretty nice book for people that are not completely new to Computer Vision but want to find research topics that they would be interested in. I would recommend to go through the first 4 chapters, specially the 3rd and the 4th chapter which gives a pretty complete overview on the most active research areas in recent years.


Topics I talked about in my blog such as Sparse Coding and Hierarchical  Matching Pursuit are also discussed in the book. The section that did a comparison between some of the relatively new descriptors FREAK, Brisk, ORB, and BREIF should also be pretty helpful.