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Why I didn’t blog for 6 month – Facebook App for Blog Promotion

In facebook, Serious Stuffs on November 28, 2011 at 12:01 am

written by Gooly


6 month ago I was very enthusiastic about blogging, I felt it was extremely wonderful to share all the stuffs I knew. I made up a long list of stuffs I planned to talk about in computer vision and also prepared to share my Matlab code that recognizes different objects in different angles. Since computer vision wasn’t a popular field, I got roughly 5 visitors a day and a few comments over all. I believe the number will grow and I was very satisfied with it.

CheerRabbit Promote Your Blog

One morning while I was driving along PCH to work and thinking about what other cool stuffs I could talk about,  I suddenly came up with a question “How should I let other people in computer vision find my blog?” It was almost impossible to find it through Google, and I never searched a blog in (so I don’t think others will). This question also bugged me when I thought of making an Android app that adjusts photo images taken in the dark; if I can’t advertise it, nobody will use it even if it’s free and good. Currently the best way to advertise is probably Google AdSense, something I never clicked on. There should be a better way for individuals to advertise in a simple way for free.

CheerRabbit Facebook Promotion I finally came up with a simple answer: Facebook. If I ask a friend to help me post my blog link on her Facebook, all of her friends can see it. And if I’m lucky, one of them might become my blogs loyal reader and share it on Facebook again. In return, I’ll also help my friend share her blog link on my Facebook.

If this is effective, we can extend beyond our friends to anyone who has a blog or even anyone who want’s to share something and exchange Facebook posts. I thought that was a good idea and started building an app that does this, and this is what I worked on in my spare time for the past 6 month.


CheerRabbit is currently finished and public, but still needs to be adjusted to fit the market.